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Paranoia is a 2D adventure-horror game centered around the theme of paranoia and unnecessary inventions.
The main objective of the game was to go do various tasks and to arrive at the hospital to refill your prescription. Things such as to go to the pond and feed the ducks, to investigating a store after a crash had rammed through the front.
Overall the game was made

The game was unable to be finished in time.
This google drive link is to the custom music produced for the game. (One of the media files
is the custom track)

The art was made by Artist Arsyn.
The music was composed by Dori.
The code was produced by Artur.
The storyboards was produced by Alex.
The Project management was handled by Jack.

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

Nothing from this project was taken from an outside source.

Everything from the Music, Game idea, and Art was all made originally for this project.

What challenges did you encounter?

Some of the challenges that our group faced was because everything was being drawn from scratch so it took a large amount of time for characters and backgrounds to be made had to be taken into account. From the artist Arsyn, "I had been working in this dimly lit room for many hours working down in west seattle." Followed up by her promptly falling asleep and continuing her work periodically throughout the night.

For the coding due to being new to the program there was problems adding all the features
as well as a learning curve to be able to have all the design elements work without interfering with other features. From the Coder, Artur, "After struggling to make this god forsaken program bend to my will, I finally forced to to at least begin to work." Followed by him getting very angry at his code and wondering why it was not working.

The Musical Artist, Dori had this to say as he was making his own custom music for the game and his experience using FL Studio, "Fl studio was being such a meani butt to me and it make me sad sometime but I made the song anyway and it turned out mid." After completing his song he was quite proud of what he had made and showed it off to many of his fellow beat makers.

For storyboarding and Story designing it was hard to come up with a general theme to follow throughout the game with debating to completely following the theme of Unnecessary Inventions and also adding some things that went against the original idea of the project such as adding SOME monsters or enemies. From The Storyboard Artist Alex, "I didnt have fun." After reviewing this claim and remembering his time during his storyboard most people thought he enjoyed his experience of storyboarding a lot.
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