CodeDay Fall 2023Singapore(history) ∙ 
Interactive Game
theme: tools to survive the future
we decided to choose a main problem Singapore has that will affect us in the future, and decided on the topic "society"

Singapore may be a multi-racial country, but Singaporeans are still discriminatory and judgemental towards people who are different from them and people with certain "flaws".

Our main characters mainly faces a problem of having obesity and they have a low metabolism, causing them to be insecure of their body. The main characters is bullied by their schoolmates frequently at school due to their big body shape. However, the main character had the mentality of "I was just born with low metabolism, I can't do anything about the fact that I'm obese".

Suddenly, something appears that sparks a hope, a chance to change.

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

One member has quite a bit of experience while the rest are beginners and have little to no experience in coding.
We used pixel art to draw our backgrounds and characters.

What challenges did you encounter?

We only had one member experienced in coding, so that member had quite a difficulty working on the whole coding by himself.
We also had a time constraint.
The members were not always on task and lost focus while staying overnight.
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