Team Denebola

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Mindosaur - An automated bot that monitors your daily mental condition to give you professional advices to mitigate your negative emotions. The first part of the app is a basic bot that checks in and converses with the user to help them better understand their issue and provides support and advice to them. it also comes with a mini game for them to be distracted for a while and to prevent them from overthinking. It will also contain the link to a therapeutic and stress-relieving game with a growing tree that symbolises the betterment of the users' mental health. A heart icon that indicates the users' mentality will engulf the fire (negative emotions) and save Orph (users themselves), there's also powerups and bombs (challenges in life) scatter throughout the map. User will obtain the essentials of growing a tree (seeds, water, sunlight, fertiliser, etc) after completing each round. The aim of our app is simple. with the fast changing world around us, it is vital for the people of our future to be grounded and have a good mental health status so they can shape our future. this requires ones mental well-being to be good as we believe that a clear mind leads to a clear heart.

What tools did you use to create your project?

  • python
  • javascript

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

All of us are inexperienced in javascript and somewhat experienced in Python. It was always rough to start everything from scratch, but we still managed to worked through the predicaments we are facing. We have used some pixel art references that we found on Google to standardise our art style and basic prototypes and inspirations we found online to kickstart our project.

What challenges did you encounter?

At first, we were stuck in the brainstorming session on choosing which coding language we were going to use. We ended up using javascript for its versatality and python for its beginner-friendly nature. We were also managed to rectify the argument on different ideas that we have by compromising and effective communication for the improvement for our projects. We have solved the COUNTLESS of bugs and errors popped, thanks to assistance from the volunteers' assistance and Google.
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