CodeDay Fall 2023Singapore(history) ∙ 
It is a game similar to Plague-Inc, but with a twist. The game is a map of Singapore, and there are pop-ups on the island, such as water-pumps and farms. These are our proposed tools for Singapore's future. Facing unstable food security and a fragile water deal with Malaysia, we propose that growing our own food and reducing water waste are things that can help towards Singapore's future. Clicking on the farm icons brings you to a separate window where the player must plant seeds in pots, encouraging the player to plant their own food. Clicking on the water pumps brings you to a different window where you click on water droplets of a leaky pipe to fix it. Other ideas that can be implemented are like some military minigames to address the chaotic state of global politics and rising tensions, as well as rising sea levels due to global warming being a huge threat to our already miniscule land mass.

What tools did you use to create your project?

  • python

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

Almost none. Many, many, many copied codes from ChatGPT.

What challenges did you encounter?

Time constraints, and skill issues. Software issues too.
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