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An interactive website infused with games to help promote tourism across Singapore. To educate members of the public on the history of famous landmarks or places of interest in Singapore, while providing a fun outlet for them to play games related to these places of interest. In an attempt to preserve the cultural heritage of Singapore for future generations, to reduce the impact of globalization diminishing our unique and vibrant culture. A realistic and very real threat to our Singaporean identity, we believe that ensuring that we safeguard our nation's historical stories and architecture. People from around the world who want to learn more about Singapore's places of interest as well as spark their interest in visiting our country thus encouraging tourism in Singapore.

Our website showcases 3 places of interest (The Merlion, Gardens By the Bay and Changi Airport) which we have created games with respect to the various landmarks.

We believe that with time we can improve on our website by adding GPS(for users in Singapore that wish to visit these places), point systems, leaderboards, AR can also enhance the user experience.

With the use of, the coding languages we used were html, css and javascript.

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

We are made up of 5 eager (extreme) beginners inspired to code and program interesting, fun and educational platforms to both better their programming skills as well as better the lives of others. Having little to no experience, relying on various online resources and our brains, we braved through multiple adversities, persevering through 24 hours in the hackathon with slight (huge) sleep deprivation. We have produced a website that we are proud of and hope that you'll like it!! (we even produced our own music!!)

What challenges did you encounter?

Little to no experience resulted in us mostly relying on our self-learning abilities in a short timeframe of 24 hours.
Typos were the death of us but still we managed to come up with a product that runs smoothly.
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