The Legend of King Diablo

CodeDay Winter 2023Dallas(history) ∙ 
We made an RPG game where he User which is you wake up in an alleyway with only one direction to go and that is forward. The user is put into a room and has to fight monsters to solve pieces of the puzzle which is regaining their memory. Throughout the game, there are four levels that have something different in them. You have to fight mini monsters and fight a boss in each level to receive back parts of your memory back. You face many obstacles and you have to find your way to winning the game without any help.

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

At first, we had no experience with the platform, but we had experience coding in javascript and java. The only thing that we didn't create in our project is the tiles that are used for the background.

What challenges did you encounter?

The major challenge we encountered was using a new game engine which is gameMaker. At first, we were going to use RPG maker, but the combat constraints of the engine shied us away from it. Thus we proceeded to use game maker studio 2.3 and had to look at a lot of tutorials online for understanding the interface. Once we got a hang of it we were able to start coding and make a demo game. Another challenge we encountered was creating the sprite which took a lot of patients. Lastly, since this is an RPG game we had to have a storyline. It took a while but we finally create a storyline that we were going to use to create the game. Our game is a huge project so in the end we only finished a demo game. On the development aspect, we had to make and animate the characters, create the tiles, and make the custom interactions for the objects. We had to watch many videos and debug dozens of lines of code in order to get everything to work correctly.
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