If monsters were real

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I was a freak...zombies,monsters..anything not related to mankind was my favourite.
But one day, the 'game' appeared on earth.
As the world rumble and crashes, an AI told you that this is a game called 'Doomsday'.
Because your love for monsters are too strong, the fear using to declare your basic skills and variables have been corrupted , and now you're a 'bug' in the game which basically get the rarest item drop from every monster you kill.
But are you going to do so? Or... could you survive?

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

I used a new website which quite challenging .I had no experience for creating this type of project/game .The UI was created by GIYA and some of the drawings are Creative Common.

What challenges did you encounter?

Well , first of all the pictures for the characters and also the bg.
It was hard to find and it took days.
Next, the scripting.
I was also new to writing scripts and as I was interested into zombies and monsters myself, I happily agreed with myself to make a game about the world ending.
But wow was this a mistake. No bg , no pictures , no music.
Also the personality of characters are really hard to develop.
Last, the code.
The code was quite hard but you can catch a grip of it once you used it long enough.
The variables , the shop items , the fighting system are also hard to code.
This took me weeks even though it only includes a chapter.
I plan to develop more of it (more chapters, characters , systems etc) but I'll stop here for the first stage of development.
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