Lad's Adventure

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We are creating a retro-adventure video game. The name of the game is Lad's Adventure, where the main character, Lad, must travel through a forest, an ice biome, and finally a lava biome (fitting the theme) to defeat the powerful dragon. The game starts with a cutscene, where the player can see the story of Lad. Lad is a lower-class townsperson, who wasn't doing very well. One day, he adventures into a forest, where he finds a sword lodged into stone. He pulls out the sword and sees that the sword has coordinates on it - probably the location of some treasure. So, he goes back to his village, and using a map, he pinpoints the location - a volcano. Curious about what might be lying at this scorching hot environment, he starts on his adventure. This is where the player is able to control his character, as he traverses through the forest, ice, and lava biomes to fight zombies and ultimately, the dragon. After defeating this, he gets some treasure, and can live happily at home.

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

None of us except two of our team members (Bhanu A and Gagan S) have coding experience. Arjun has music experience.

What challenges did you encounter?

We encountered many, many challenges. The first challenge we encountered is the graphic design. None of us were really had experience in this, so coming up with designs was hard. Although, we were able to come up with some pixel art (with of course, help from the internet). After this, coding was a big issue. Saying we only had one person with the most experience (Bhanu A), this took a lot of time. The one part that took the most time though was probably the moving mechanics. Aditya and I (Suraj), worked on the graphics design, and after countless hours of designing and working, we were finally able to create it and send it to Bhanu. Together, we brainstormed some good ideas for how we would make the characters attack, amount of lives, enemies kill us, etc. Overall, we had many challenges, but with perserverance and drive, we were able to overcome them and make an amazing project.
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