Virtual CodeDay June 2021
A customizable web-based password manager that utilizes biometric authentication. Users will be able to use voice, face, and gesture authentication in order to access their various passwords. The voice and face recognition will be managed by Azure, and the gesture will be authenticated with a TensorFlow library called Fingerpose. Passwords are securely stored in a centralized database using the AES encryption algorithm.

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

Justin: I have been coding for a little over a year now. I mainly do web development projects with react and have done some machine learning projects.
Matthew: I started coding around 10 months ago. I primarily use javascript and python. For web development, I mainly use React.
For this project, we both learned to use typescript and MongoDB.

What challenges did you encounter?

Midway through, we encountered some challenges with Azure's speech authentication and verification because the files need to be in a specific format, but we solved this issue by programmatically converting them before use. Input files needed to be 16 kHz, 16bit, PCM encoded .wav files.



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