The Wonderful Weather Wizards

Virtual CodeDay June 2021 ∙ 
First, Thanks to Digi-Key for supplying our team a Beginner's Kit and Modules!

Ever had a day that it rained so much that you couldn't play outside? Ever wanted to change the weather? Now with the Wonderful Weather Wizard you can!

Not only does our project report local weather statistics, it uses a RGB Matrix, Button, and Rotary Potentiometer to instantly control the weather!!

If we had more time we would have:
-We would have used the Voice Recognizer to make controlling the weather "a breeze", through the Wizard’s Owl, Hicszelle!
-Made some music to go along with each of the weather conditions
-Learn about the program; C++, which was new to us

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

Verv: I have no experience using C++ before, but since I had some experience in other programming languages, I worked on most of the coding.

Val: I have done some projects in the past with Scratch, MIT App inventor and HTML. This CodeDay, I worked on some of the RGB matrix animations and learned a little of C++. I really enjoyed the pixel art that I created! :)

Vic: I had no idea that C++ had existed before this CodeDay! I also worked on some of the animations for the RGB matrix display.

What challenges did you encounter?

We didn't have any experience in C++, so we had to learn how to use the Digi-Key Kit and its add-ons. Sometimes the add-ons wouldn't cooperate. We also had some trouble with our RGB matrix. For example, some of our pixel animations had been inverted and revisions to the code fixed this. Also, each "frame" took up LOTS of precious storage, so unfortunately we had to limit each weather conditions display to only 1 frame of the animations that we had prepared :(
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