Virtual CodeDay Winter 2021
Our project is a third person flying shooter game, in which the goal is to fend off as many "invaders" as you can by shooting and flying around.

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

Archit Bhujang - Participated in prior Code Day Events. - I received youngest group coding award for the last Code Day. I was a beginner, so I developed a simple stickman game with my group.

Aniketh - This is his first Code Day. He has participated in many Lego League robotic events, and he has also coded in many events besides Code Day.

Krish Angra - This is his first Code Day. He is a software enthusiast, and a fellow high schooler from the ssame shcool.

Thejas Rao - This is his first CodeDay event. He has a passion for AI and 3D Modeling, as well as making YouTube videos & Video Editing. He has coded a project involving AI to help people who are visually impaired in the past.



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Thejas Rao

Krish Angra

Archit B