Content Watcher

CodeDay Labs 2020
Mentor: Varun Mangalick, Engineer at Jane Street Capital

Team members: Anjelica Solomon, Victor Kuang, Nikhil Prasad, Sanjana Dutt

Website content watcher
Have you ever refreshed a page several times a day to check for updates (for example, checking a for-sale page for a particular item, a news site for a particular event, or a subreddit for a specific keyword)? This project would involve building a website content watcher. As a user, you input a URL, search term, and search frequency (every minute, every hour, every week, etc). Then, at times designated by the search frequency, the website content watcher will scrape the text at the given URL and notify you if the search term shows up! This would involve some sort of front-end UI for query input and back-end running on AWS to make the scheduled queries.

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

CodeDay Labs beginner-track team



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