CodeDay Labs 2020 ∙ 
Mentor: Tim Van Cleave, Engineer at SPS Commerce

Team members: Christine Luo, Tiffeny Chen, Darby Clement

Building a website is fun, but keeping that content up-to-date after the build can be really challenging and tough to organize. This gets even more difficult when migrating a website and trying to manage the critical review of existing content to decide if it should be included on the new site. Websites should always be kept relevant to their users and avoid becoming a huge mess of dead pages that no one has seen in years. Doing this well involves looking at analytics to see what content is truly valuable, and then keeping a record of what pages should be kept, changed, or deleted outright in an easy to access way so the developer can easily make updates and keep their site lean and enjoyable for everyone.

This project aims to help solve this process by building a React web application, powered by a Django backend, that allows developers to review their pages as well as display critical statistics in a simple and straightforward way. This kind of tool would be extremely useful for distributed content teams in an organization to collaboratively review their site's pages, provide notes on improvements that may be needed, or simply indicate that the page can be removed.

Key user requirements are:
* Store and display a list of pages on a given website
* Maintain a list of content owners and their contact information
* Provide visualizations of the site's traffic and other relevant information, potentially highlighting critical stats on each individual page for easier review.
* Allow users to make comments about page content, mark whether they should be kept or not, and assign them to other content owners for review
* List pages that a given content owner needs to review and allow them to mark them as completed once the review is done
* Provide a simple report of the site's pages, including all stored metadata (e.g. should be deleted, etc.)

This project will teach some really useful and cool technical skills, including:
* Python API development using Django and Django Rest Framework
* Modern React frontend development
* An introduction to unit testing and why it is a really important part of software engineering
* User-centric design throughout the development process
* AGILE project management (don't worry, just a light version)
* Having fun while making something awesome!

This will be a really fun project to build a real, working web application from the ground up to solve a genuinely difficult problem and do so with a lot of great tools, let's go make something cool!

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

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