Data Visualization and time series analysis on COVID-19

CodeDay Labs 2020
Mentor: Thein Oo, Senior Data Scientist at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Team members: Amina Mufti, Sophia Garson, Shahrzad Lavaei

Data Visualization and time series analysis on COVID-19

Goal: How to work with a real world data and how to extract the valuable information and present it to the general public.

Project Timeline:
Week 1: data collection (web-scraping)
Week 2 : data cleaning
Week 3: data visualization
Week 4: deploy as a web application

Tool: Python, Pandas, Plotly, Dash

Takeaway: Understand the overview of how the data collection, processing and visualization is done for a simple data visualization project. Most data scientist will probably spend about 60% of the time to do understanding data and processing data for each data science project. So these techniques are fundamental and essential parts of any successful data science project.

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

CodeDay Labs advanced-track team


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Sophia Garson