CodeDay Labs 2020
Mentor: Polo Delos Santos, Student at Cal Poly Pomona

Team members: Cindy Su, Swathi Narayan, Liam Akin

For many clubs and organizations, attendance and member tracking is very necessary. Sometimes these organizations need to ensure members are coming to enough meetings, or maybe sometimes they need to gather data on attendance. Despite the value that attendance and tracking has, many of these clubs/organizations still use pen and paper sign ins, or usually an open spreadsheet on a laptop to track attendance! This is not only unwieldy, but it may lead to quite a few errors due to it being very manual.

The project is a club/organization sign in/sign up page that is more robust than writing name's down on paper or filling out a spreadsheet. A web app or website will host a sign-up form where users can easily input their information, and once they submit it, it will populate a spreadsheet of some sort. For any future events, the sign-in page will read from this spreadsheet and allow people to "sign in". This allows for better and easier attendance tracking, as well as easier access for other users to view the data. This project would at minimum encompass HTML, CSS, and some intermediate JS, and possibly Google Apps Script.

Minimum requirements: must be able to store member names, number of meetings attended, and contact info (at least one point of contact.)

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

CodeDay Labs beginner-track team



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