CodeDay Labs 2020
Mentor: Peyt Spencer Dewar, Engineer at Microsoft

Team members: Linh Nguyen, Ethan Keshishian, Mohamad Saleh

Lyrist is a free mobile app that enables users to listen to audio while they write text. Used by songwriters and students, Lyrist is one of the first on the market to have this ability. Download and see for yourself! Since being published in April 2018, there have been over 100 daily active users on iOS, 6000 first-time downloads, and 50K searches executed.

0. Learn/improve React Native and TypeScript skills
1. Add new features from the roadmap
2. Update all packages including react-native preferably to the latest version
3. Get android up and running again
4. Acquire and track 1000+ total daily active users
5. Improve Lyrist's conversion rates and public visibility

Come help take Lyrist to the next level!

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

CodeDay Labs advanced-track team


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Ethan Keshishian

Mohamad S