Typescript GraphQL

CodeDay Labs 2020
Mentor: Michael Lorton, Engineer at Outschool

Team members: Evan Hao

GraphQL and Typescript are both strongly statically typed, but current frameworks to share typing information between Typescript programs and GraphQL databases are weak and limited, relying on annotations (which are spottily supported) and pre-processors. The project is to produce (on top of Apollo or other GraphQL system) a pure Typescript (not annotations and no pre-processing) framework with the following features:

- the server developer can write a type-safe schema in pure Typescript
- the client developer can import types from the schema
- the client developer can write type-safe queries and mutations in pure Typescript
- the client library can check its queries and mutations at runtime against the runtime schema

This is a one-person project; you will be working on your own (with a mentor) but not with other students.

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

CodeDay Labs advanced-track team



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Evan Hao