Alexandrie-Based Rust Crate Registry

CodeDay Labs 2020 ∙ 
Mentor: Ankit Gupta and Kat Ngov, Lead at Transparent Systems

Team members: Rohan Tohaan, Cynthia Cheung, Eric Ng

#rust #rustlang #OSS #cloud #docker #kubernetes #k8s is the default, public package registry used by rust developers everywhere.

Developers often want the means to privately publish crates (rust packages), so they can continue to follow best practices to version and release software internal to their teams or businesses.

Current solutions for a private crates registry are hard to find and very costly. However, there exists an open source implementation of the crates registry API one can easily run on their local machine - "Alexandrie" at

In this internship, we will build on Alexandrie to provide an open-source solution that others can use to more easily deploy a private crates registry to cloud providers.

We will be using docker, and developing the reference solution to be deployable to a Kubernetes cluster in one of the major cloud providers (Azure, GCP, AWS).

In addition to developing a solution others can use, we'll learn how to use Kubernetes to deploy, scale, and manage applications.

Join this project to work with great cloud tooling and contribute to the growing and exciting Rust ecosystem!

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

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