CodeDay San Diego Fall 2016

A safer way to get home.


Your safety is our priority. The difference between 1 and 5 minutes could help prevent an attacker from harming you. Every minute counts.Through Baton we provide users with maximum safety by alerting them when their are others near by within walking distance. One in every five females that are attacked, have been sexually harassed in their lifetime. Our goal is to decrease these numbers and to ensure safety among everybody. We hope it becomes popular among the female demographic, knowing females are 91% of those targeted. By using infrared sensors around the city and soon be able to be attached to your phone, the sensors will sense body heat within a 15-20 feet radius. The sensors will be directly linked to the app and will place tags on locations per person that is sensed. Due to the high expenses of the infrared sensors, we hope to place them in cities that have higher crime rates, before we come out with the portable sensors in which everyone will have access to purchase. We hope Baton not only decreases crime rates, but also promote safety among everyone.

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