Space Crash

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We are planning on making a space exploration game so that the player can navigate through mini games to achieve a certain task. As of right now, we are thinking about the main goal being the retrieval of all the lost components of the rocket.

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

In our group of four, we shared around a similar amount of coding skills. All of us had worked on some minor projects before, but this was the first time all of us collaborated on a project of this magnitude and density. After all of us got familiar with the platform that we utilized (CMU Graphics on Python), we were able to finish, polish, and structure our game perfectly with the given time in CodeDay. Sarath and Rishi helped create the images and backgrounds for us, while Arnav and Amogh worked on the coding element of the game. Along with that, Sarath and Rishi also chipped in with the code, and by the end, all of us understood it with the knowledge we had.

What challenges did you encounter?

1. The platform - All of us were relatively new to the platform we used for our game. This caused a minor step back for us because we spent some time learning about the platform and how we could utilize it for our project.
2. The code – In our project, we had about 700 lines of code, after we were done. And this was the first time that we had worked on a project of this magnitude. We learnt about organization of our code to make it easier on ourselves. We also learnt to use functions, wherever possible, so that we would have lesser code.
3. The AI for Air Hockey – For the air hockey, we needed to make an AI that would play on the opposite side of the table, for the game to progress. Since this is a one player game, we had to think of a way to make the opposite side play along with the player. This was new to us because we hadn’t coded something like this before. But, after we learnt about it, we found out innovative ways to work it out, and eventually, finished the AI.
4. The scenes – We didn’t how we could navigate through the scenes in our game. After certain tasks were achieved, we wanted to switch the scene and show the viewer a different screen. For this, we had to do a lot of hard-coding and the iteration of the process built to the code, causing a challenge for the organization.
5. Importing of media – We had an idea of making some images for our project. And for this to work, we needed to learn how to import images onto the platform we were utilizing. This took up some time for us and experimenting with it showed us different ways through which we could implement it.
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