Penguin's Meltdown

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Penguin's Meltdown, players take on the role of a penguin sliding down a treacherous and ever-changing icy slope. As they navigate through the game, players will encounter challenges that mirror the real-life effects of climate change on the penguin's environment.

What tools did you use to create your project?

  • java
  • figma

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

Our team consisted mostly of students who had minimal experience in game development. Most of our previous coding experience came from our collective AP Computer Science courses. In our project, we used the GDevelop platform to create an entirely new project. This platform was especially challenging because of the fact that none of our group had ever used this application before. Additionally, Nipun and Sanjog had previously never coded before.

Everything in this project was created from scratch: the penguin animations, glacier, fish, mountains, etc. Even the music was developed from scratch during the event.

What challenges did you encounter?

Over the course of the project, we had to learn all of the intricate ins and outs of the GDevelop platform. The GDevelop application had a lot of unique kinks that made it stand out from other languages and IDEs. After tirelessly learning the GDevelop platform and starting to make progress on our game, the GDevelop cloud crashed for unknown reasons. As a result, our project was completely gone at 12 am. We had to restart our project completely from scratch. After a marathon of working all night, we made a minimalist product that efficiently highlighted the significant impact of climate change. However, at the end of our project, we also had to figure out the complex form of merging projects that GDevelop supports. Regardless, the project got a unique form that we were proud of.
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