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GSM based Home Security System

The need for security cannot be overemphasized in today's modern world, where residential and industrial areas, experience destructions, theft are increasing alarmingly and becomes a major source of threat. Current security systems in developing countries (if and when available) treat security as only intrusion based, and are of high operational and setup cost and thus the need for a smart and more integrated security system. The GSM based smart security system using Arduino presented employs the Passive Infrared (PIR), sensors in monitoring intrusion, combustible gases, and temperature threats respectively and also incorporates remote monitoring and control capability. The concept of remote monitoring and control is implemented via the use of SMS and mobile phone calls respectively made possible by utilizing the GSM module interface. The two operational modes-internal and external mode reduces the overall operational cost of the system and thus Remote monitoring (SMS), is used only when the owner is actually away, while audio and visual forms of alarms are utilized if he is close by the property. The entire system is controlled by the powerful Arduino Uno. The system resulted in a cost saving, smart, portable and a more efficient way of implementing security alarm systems. Components that we used include;
1. Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM)- Used for holding registered SIM card
2. Buzzer- Sound output device
3. Voltage Regulator- Ensure constant supply of current
4. Arduino- Used as microcontroller
5. Passive Infra Red(PIR) sensor- Used to detect movement by recognising light emitted by nearby objects
6. JUMPER WIRES- Connection
8.9V Power supply battery
10. DC Jack pin

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?


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Inadequate components that forced us to omit some parts of the project. Lack of computers and we had to rely on single computer but our project requires a lot of research and programming. Recording devices too were not available. Uploading the code we used too is a challenge and therefore we have just sent photo of the code.
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