Greaning Haus

Virtual CodeDay Fall 2021 ∙
Greaning Haus is a multiplayer Metroidvania experience condensed into 5-10 minutes, and you get to beat up your friends! Players are tasked with traversing a green house, and need to explore their maze separately to gather weapon and movement upgrades within a strict time limit, reach a teleporter, then have a fight to the death in an arena!

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

I (Aidan Davidson) am experienced with programming (Unreal Engine), and I have been to 5 codedays. Maximos has done art before, but this is his first test in pixelated art, and I think he has done excellent! He also created the music we are using in the game. Caleb is a newcomer to codeday, and has had some past experience with programming, but is new to Unreal.
We both programmed on the project. All assets we used we created over this weekend at Codeday, including art, music, code, and maps!

What challenges did you encounter?

One major challenge we encountered was the splitscreen system. While trying to get it running, many different things stopped working, including camera systems, input, and data management. We spent hours trying to figure out the issues, and slowly weeded out the bugs. Now it works flawlessly!
One small yet important hurdle we crossed was in level design, where we used Tile Maps to quickly create maps using less space. Despite my love for 2D, I never used Tile Maps, and they were a pain to figure out. Now that I know their limitations, we will be able to create maps faster in the future!
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