Virtual CodeDay June 2021
A centralized platform where users can ask questions about their dog and take care of their dog's needs in the midst of their busy lifestyles.

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

Ava has 1-2 years of programming experience in Python. She also has basic experience with Javascript, HTML, and CSS, as well as 1 year of experience in app development.
Christy has 1-2 years of experience with Python and Java, and is currently learning HTML/CSS/JS for web development and Flutter for app development. However, she is fairly new to the world of hackathons (her first hackathon was two months ago), and this was her first time working with Figma to create an app design.

We created this entire project by ourselves.

What challenges did you encounter?

One challenge that we ran into was trying to decide the color scheme. Originally, we wanted to use a salmon-orange color as the main color of our app, but we soon found that color hard to work with, and instead switched to our current pink look. In addition, we both had to study for our upcoming finals while working on this project and it was difficult to coordinate availability for working on the project as well as editing our final pitch video.



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Best UX


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