The Weezer Box

Virtual CodeDay June 2021
What if you had a portable music device that could only play songs from the band Weezer? Could you imagine the potential? The usefulness? I sure can't.

You plug in a power cable and an audio cable. Then, when you press the button on the top, it plays a Weezer song for you to enjoy! And it's randomly selected, so you get a new one every time! Also, I wrote instructions on how to make your very own Weezer box too!

(NOTE: I started working on this slightly before CodeDay, Wednesday of this week, but I kept working on it during CodeDay. Also please watch the video down below, I spent too much time on it)

How much experience do you have? Does the project use anything you didn't create?

I have moderate experience in Python (the language used in this project) and Linux, as well as the hardware side. My project uses the python library gpiozero.

What challenges did you encounter?

I haven't used Linux in a while, so doing this was a nice way to get back into doing it. Also, I had a little trouble with constructing the box-- it was difficult to get everything to stay in place.



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