Space Warfare: Jovian Conflict

Virtual CodeDay June 2021 ∙
We've all asked the question when we were young: what if you were the commander of a space fleet? Well, in this real time strategy game you can experience space warfare as close to how it would theoretically play out in real life as possible. Command a fleet of warships and battle your friends in unique planetary systems. The game design and mechanics are based on actual theorizations and research about space warfare in real life.

At the time of writing this, after numerous setbacks and time limits, the game is currently at the stage of generating a planetary system (similar in scale to the Neptune system), positioning ships in orbit around random moons, and simulating the trajectories of the ships. It also includes a fancy UI and controls.

How much experience does your group have? Does the project use anything (art, music, starter kits) you didn't create?

Asher: Not a lot when it comes to physics, some when it comes to procedural generation, previous CodeDay, have worked in 3D and Unity a lot. Won special award for game mechanics in a 2D conquer-and-sell style game last CodeDay

Dennis: Loves physics, a little limited knowledge of C#, however never used Unity before.

Julia: Python experience, some work with the song creator in python, completely new to Unity and C#.

Krishnan: Python experience, but not with Earsketch, also helped with Music, completely new to Unity and C#.

For some of the short tracks, credit goes to Richard Devine

What challenges did you encounter?

We had to do a fair amount of research, reading, theorizing, and debating about realistic space warfare. Planning this game involved a lot more research than most projects that any of us had worked on in the past.

Planning the game involved a lot of effort. We had to find a good balance between realism and simplification to make the game engaging but still adequately adherent to the real word.

The 3/4 of us who have never used Unity before had to learn how to use a new game engine and had to get more familiar with C#.

Sorting things between 4 people.

Problems with Unity Collaborate and version control.

Weird Rotation bugs.

Other strange Unity problems

Time constraints.

Making realistic physics simulations that are adequately accurate and efficient enough. Apart from the given programming challenges, this involved a lot of math & physics and reading about orbits, perturbations, n-body simulations, etc.
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